2021年1月28日  |  Column

Phrases design

Nowadays when we talk about design, the first thing that most people would imagine would be something that is closer to a visual design, design of machines and mechanics, or also maybe not as often as the previous two but still rather popular, sound design. While in reality design encompasses various aspects of life, I mean there are also such thing as social design, and of course today’s topic: phrases design.

If we think about it, what we call design is actually an act of composing something, and words and phrases are no exception. You need to compose them in order to create something that make sense (in the case of an essay, report, etc.) or something that have a profound meaning, sound beautiful and also invoke certain emotions and roused imagination (in the case of poems and proses).

Why do I write this you ask? Well perhaps it was because recently I just launched a new instagram account for poems that I made, as well as other poems, phrases, and lines that I found beautiful, meaningful, or something that is profound. I do wrote poems occasionally, but not as often as recently that I found a certain muse and enjoyment in writing more poems. Perhaps it has something to do with my emotional state, as well as due to the fact that I had just revisited one of my old goal, to write a story similar to that the legendarium of J.R.R. Tolkien.

This particular situation has brought me to realize that perhaps it is as people said (and I actually believed but was quite shy to admit) that I have a slightly higher proficiency in English language compared to my peers, albeit English is not my mother tounge. Moreover, I do have a large interest in classic literature from long before, and I might be more sensitive in catching several remarkable phrases and lines that are composed by various poet, writers, and lyricists that I have stumbled upon.

I may found several lines in the Bible or Qur’an deeply profound (while being a religious scripture they are supposed to have a profound meaning); several lines from Shakespearean play to be wildly amusing and delightful not only to hear but also to understand; songs and praises from Tagore, a Bengal poet that painted the world to be this delightful blessings yet still very much human with all of its limitations and imperfection; poems by T.S. Eliot that are so rich in language not only metaphorically but also literally (as some of his poems might suddenly have lines from other languages other than English); and many other phrases that are designed so beautifully, so eloquently, and of course so much profound and delightful to hear.

Such emotion that I experienced when I stumbled upon these phrases, reading them or listening to them when they’re being recited, I thought it is such a shame not to share that with others. Then I remembered I had this copy of Man’yoshu that is written in both English and Japanese, where the editors selected several poems (or you may also say songs) and alongside it they presented pictures and sceneries in order to supplement and invoke the feelings that are contained within the selected poems (or songs). This, alongside with the recent outpour of inspiration for my poetry writing thus inspired me to uses instagram which commonly known as a medium for photography (a visual composition), to posts my verbal composition, my phrase design; alongside with others that inspires me.

Therefore, if you may have interest in reading those poems I wrote, and poems that I selected and curated alongside with it, do check it out here. Though most of it are (and will be) written in English, but well if you could read this, I think you could read them over there too. So, this concludes this entry to my blog, I hope you enjoy it!