2021年1月21日  |  未分類


So we had our first overseas design commission from an Indonesian startup fashion brand called Project-N. It was a rather young brand as it was just established in 2016 as the two founders of the brand completed their fashion studies in Milan.

I was first encountered them back in 2018 when they visited Tokyo during some photoshoot sessions for their debut collection entitled “Departure” (released in 2017). A collection that focuses on urban looks and shoot on several different cities in different countries to reflect the traveller concept for their debut collection as well as the brand’s own concept.

It was during this visit to Japan when they also asked me to model for some of the shoots I was able to discuss further about Project-N and their future collections. One particular idea that they had in mind is a collection that combines traditional Japanese and Javanese design influences, from which they had develop the idea further into their new collection that are released 2 years later in 2019, this time entitled “JAPVANESE”.

During the development of their second collection, I asked whether they had interest in developing products other than clothing items and I proposed the creation of leather products, particularly bags that could use their fashion design expertise to design a bag that combines both the functionality and mobility that are essential for travelers but also the style that could embody a modern yet classic feel to it. A few months after they had returned to Indonesia, they informed me that they would love to work on the bags idea and will collaborate with me in order to produce such bags and market them both in Indonesia in Japan.

Later on, the previously mentioned “JAPVANESE” collection was released in 2019 with some photoshoot yet again done in Tokyo, this time appropriately as it uses Japan as one of the inspiration of the collection. The results from the photoshoot later developed and used for the official release and a mini fashion show held in Jakarta with some special guests that are either from Japan, or had Japan-related field of work or living experience. The fashion show itself are held with a heavier Javanese influence rather than Japanese thus creating a unique nuance and originality to this particular collection.Additionally, the bag that I proposed and contributed in the development, was also released as an addition or an extension to the collection.

Originally it was planned for 2020 that they will bring the collection to Japan, but as COVID-19 pandemic swept over the world changes must be made and many plans were put on hold. The bag productions were halted, and Project-N adjusted some of their collections and added several masks with patterned designs which is one of their speciality.

Finally, as though the pandemic are not over yet but creative works must continue and they planned to develop new collections as well as to try again to bring and introduce some of their collections to Japan this year. This is when another chance for collaboration again was born and I thought it would be great to introduce Project-N to Set Inc. to update some of their branding, initially through their website design. This also on the other hands I suppose is rather beneficial for Set Inc. as our first exposure to international clients that in turn will develop a wider networking and exchange to other creative industries outside Japan. I’m really looking forward to it!