2021年1月13日  |  Column

A thought on design process during the second lockdown

Current blog entry that I will write today would be very short, as it is simply a small observation or perhaps a reflection on the current situation with the design work.


So, as many would have know that it is a second lockdown for COVID-19 in Tokyo. Well not exactly lockdown but more like an encouragement for self-restrain and not to get out too much, especially late at night. The government request for eateries to be closed by 8PM every day for the time being, and companies began to enforce Work From Home or also in Japan more commonly called as Remote Work.


Obviously as we had previously learned from the first lockdown in the early 2020, different types of jobs affected by this policy differently. Particularly for design works in Set, it does affect the work style as well.


Though design generally could be done remotely, as it requires one person to actually do the design process while the sharing, updating, and feedbacks could be done remotely. However it is rather obvious to work directly in the office offers a much better benefit. As design is an active creative work, ideas needs to be cultivated properly and in the right timing before it cools down and perhaps wouldn’t be able to be developed into great design output when not dealt properly.


Additionally, though ideas could be born anywhere, either from the office with other designers around or helpful environment to inspire you or even from your own bedroom; however it is quite obvious and generally a commonly accepted trope that to be confined in a certain space may also confine the generation and the development of ideas itself.


Finally, something that is unrelated to the generation and cultivation of ideas, it is more to the scheduling situation for to cultivate or to report the design output so that the design design task could be pushed forward to the next stage. It is the necessity to create a schedule for an online meeting to discuss, share, and report the design progress that sometimes may requires some time and opens a large possibilities of delay. When it is required for all the staff to agree on a certain time to hold a meeting at a certain time, some of the time could better be salvaged to be used to work on other tasks instead of waiting for the other members to be readily available at the same time. Of course one could argue that it is not so different than holding a physical meeting. But at least when we could be in the same space, we could immediately communicate the necessity of the meetings as well as the meetings participants that may or may not be required to join the meeting, thus saving a huge amount of time to be used more effectively in the generation, cultivation, and development of design ideas and the output itself.


This article has been particularly short, but I hope everyone to be safe and be patient with the current COVID situation. Cheers!