Thoughtful Design

“Thoughtful Design”これが私たちのビジョンです。日本ではまだまだ、単なる装飾と考えられがちなデザインですが「なぜそうするのか」を考え、デザインが正しく機能するように形作ることを目指しています。


しかし、ここではひとつだけ宣伝をします。 もしもデザインの依頼をお望みでしたらお気軽にコンタクトフォームからご連絡をください。

We as designers in Set, truly believe that in every design process, every design elements; its form, color, arrangement, design language and other details, should be thoroughly considered and thoughtfully justified to be introduced as part of the design itself.

This “Thoughtful Design” philosophy is what guides our design thinking in Set. It is what separates us from general views in Japan that design is often being considered as mere decoration for fanciful purposes.

This blog serves as records and collections of our design thought and learning process. By making it available to the public, not only that we let ourselves be known, but also to open up discussions to explore further creative ideas, as well as new learning and collaboration opportunities.

Furthermore, please do not hesitate to contact us if you require design assistance or collaboration opportunities.

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      タルマ ユウキ

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